scam calls from police department

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  • Admin Istrator 6 years ago

    they are so aggresive!

  • Admin Istrator 6 years ago

    These calls happen to me about once a month , Im in New York City. 212 area code

  • Bruce Duane 5 years ago

    What duz scam calls from the police department mean???? 


  • Ussef Paul 5 years ago

    تتم ختراقي

  • Richard Weisiger 5 years ago

    In my case, the caller claimed to be a police officer and told me I had missed a court appearance regarding a jury duty summons and that an arrest warrant had just been issued in my name. He wanted me to bring $3500 on a pre-paid gift card to the Federal Building right away to post bail, and promised I would get it back if it turned out that my signature did not match that of the person who signed for the summons. He spoke with an accent that made it hard to understand what he was saying. He told me he was calling from San Francisco, but the number he used was from a different city (Novato).

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