Windows Support with indian accent

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  • Admin Istrator 6 years ago

    what is this all about?

  • Admin Istrator 6 years ago

    I get these calls about once a week. I havent run windows in over a year

  • Admin Istrator 6 years ago

    Related numbers:




  • Kristen bilotti 5 years ago

    My computer went off, literally on it's own, blowing whistles and saying it was infected with malicious spyware and would be disabled, unless I called number on screen.  I did.  The people lie, strong arm, and demand you buy their product, or microsoft will disable your computer because some program expired, an anti-hacking tool. It's plain extortion.  Next time I will just shut window.  They can't disable your computer.

    david miller was name "salesman" gave.

    Phone numbers:  888-309-3111 and 608-963-1068

  • Remington Ford 5 years ago

    sorry for what happenned to you guys its just i kinda of want more numbers becuase there fun to call and then scam them to stop them

    from scamming others

  • Keira Olssen 4 years ago

    I do that all the time!! These subhuman jerks call me or I get pop-ups on my screen about Windows. I don't ev n have Windows. 😂 I take the numbers and call them back, jerk then around and cuss them up until THEY hang up on ME. Love wasting their time, because that means they have less time to try and scam someone else. 

  • Marilyn 4 years ago

    The following numbers belong to hackers who built up a relationship with my husband over the last year, to ultimately try to get into our bank account to steal our money. They pass themselves off as the MICRO PC service that works alongside Norton to support their clients. My husband naively let them work on his computer remotely, and didn't think to contact Norton about MICRO PC's claim to be in partnership with them. At the time of their attempt to steal our money, they claimed that my husband had downloaded the wrong codes for Norton, and that they needed to go in and fix the problem when I downloaded some hardware. They said viruses came with my hardware. They showed me two CSRSS.EXE files. I didn't have any reason to disbelieve them since (1) my husband had been working with them for a year, and (2) I didn’t know what those files were and didn’t take time to investigate their claim. To make a long story short, they got access into one of our bank accounts remotely, and attempted to steal $1000.00. I did a hard shutdown on my husband’s computer when I realized what was going on. I also did other things to stop their theft, and begin an investigation. Two of their names are Rone and Christian. I can't remember the other’s names, but they are made up. A friend said one of them was a character in a book they had read. The final SCAM took place on June 15, 2018. The numbers I have are: 877-582-1319; 833-334-9433; 805-380-8779; and 805-225-8549

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