Windows Support with indian accent

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  • Admin Istrator 9 months ago

    what is this all about?

  • Admin Istrator 9 months ago

    I get these calls about once a week. I havent run windows in over a year

  • Admin Istrator 8 months ago

    Related numbers:




  • Kristen bilotti 1 month ago

    My computer went off, literally on it's own, blowing whistles and saying it was infected with malicious spyware and would be disabled, unless I called number on screen.  I did.  The people lie, strong arm, and demand you buy their product, or microsoft will disable your computer because some program expired, an anti-hacking tool. It's plain extortion.  Next time I will just shut window.  They can't disable your computer.

    david miller was name "salesman" gave.

    Phone numbers:  888-309-3111 and 608-963-1068

  • Remington Ford 1 month ago

    sorry for what happenned to you guys its just i kinda of want more numbers becuase there fun to call and then scam them to stop them

    from scamming others

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