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    ?? Geek Squad ??
    Posted By: Sandi 2 months ago

    I received an email from someone claiming to be Geek Squad Subscription Renewal. I’ve never had Geek Squad Subscrption.
    “ We are sending this email to you, because your service get
    Expired and as per the agreement itâ?Ts an auto renewal charge for your
    Computer Protection for 5 year subscription.
    The amount will reflect in your bank statement within 24 working hours
    Thank you very much being a existing customer and we are felling honor that
    We are getting an opportunity to provide you the service in
    Item: Geek Squad Support
    Tenure: 5 Years Support
    Amount: $668.99.
    For any further query please contact in customer support +1806 884 4252
    Please do not reply to this email. This email is system generated. The mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. To contact, call on 806 884 4252.
    Accounts Head: ALISHA BUERKE
    Mailing Address: 46 Aunt Pattys Ln W Bethel CT 6801 United States“

    I did not call the number. The email was received from “ angelwadex49294@gmail.com”
    I just thought it was a scam so I googled the phone number.
    Called at:
    home phone
    at 09:48 AM

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    Posted By: Carmen 2 months ago

    I received an email stating my renewal of Geek Squad services will be renewed for $666.99 starting April 19, 2022. I called the number that said if I had questions regarding the account to call 1 806 884 4252. I did and the customer service woman, in another country, wanted me to go to ultraviewer.net to cancel the services. She wanted me to download a file so she can cancel the services. I told her that I was not downloading anything on a work computer because I don't have a home computer. It felt wrong so I told her that and hung up.

    My guess is this: they say we need to download whatever is in that file probably being able to give them complete control of my computer. I am at work. I never download anything ever. It's against employee agreements.
    Called at:
    work phone
    at 08:07 AM

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    Posted By: ss 9 months ago

    received email that said my ebay purchase was successful..... checked debit cards - no purchase. pay pal not hacked. SCAM. beware do not reply or call this number

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    Posted By: Dave 9 months ago

    Email from EBAY <akesandrobrahimuao@gmail.com>
    As follows....

    "Hello valued user,

    Thank you for choosing eBay. Your order has been confirmed by the seller . Please find the attached receipt to know more about your transaction."

    Has an attachment showing an iphone was purchased with my credit card and gives this number to

    I check the credit card and ebay and no purchase was made.

    Looks like a scam. Beware.

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    Posted By: Jen 10 months ago

    Received an email saying ,
    Thank you for choosing Norton for a transaction as your oder of $389.00 on August 24th, 2021 has been approved. May appear on your account statement as Norton_Lift_Lock by next 24 business hours. To cancel call 806-884-4228. Transaction date Thursday 19th' 2021 PayPal.

    Looked at my PayPal and it wasn't hacked and doesn't have anything like this showing. Not sure what they're trying to do here.

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