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    Posted By: sam 1 week ago

    DUDE KEEPS CALLING ME OVER AND OVER AND OVER.......... Says he is going to kill me and was cussing me out!!!! HELP!!!!!
    Called me at : cell phone at 02:16 PM

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    Windows Support
    Posted By: Beatrice 1 week ago

    A warning from Windows came up on my computer claimed that I had a very dangerous virus do not shut down to supposedly came from support at windows I called the phone number the woman said that I had a serious problem not to do anything with the computer she would need to come into my computer I said heck no I asked if they were located in the US and why their phone number did not come up as Windows support and she told me I would not be able to use my computer any longer. Computer is frozen in the screen and she wanted me to let her into my computer remotely in order to fix it I shut my computer laptop screen that cannot get back on
    Called me at : cell phone at 10:35 AM

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    Posted By: Terry 1 week ago

    THIS IS A SCAM ---- DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION ---- THEY ARE TRYING TO HACK INTO YOUR COMPUTER ---- Go ahead and call the # but press *67 first which will block caller ID and they won't know who you are when you call. Then cuss them out or just ask them to hold on for a bit and walk away from the phone. In other words, screw with them, waste their time, piss them off and try to ruin their day for a change. I'm going to call them at least 100 times a day for the next month or so.

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    Text message
    Posted By: J Ronen 1 week ago

    After opening my Yahoo mail, the screen switched to a warning screen from another website with a warning message claiming my computer is at high risk of potential viruses. I couldn't close or shut down the page. The number 888-248-6861 was displayed on screen and asked to call this number.

    BE AWARE: This is a scam. Totally hacking strategy to get into your computer and installing other software. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER.

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    Hang up
    Posted By: Jessica 1 week ago

    This is the number provided for support of potential virus after trying to use yahoo mail. The number just hangs up.

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Windows Support with indian accent
scam calls from police department
ICloud hacked SCAM

alternative formats for 888-248-6861 (888)248-6861 01118882486861 (0111)-888-248-6861 0111/888 248 6861 (0111) (888) 248-6861 +18882486861 +1(888)2486861 +1888/2486861 +1888-2486861 888.248.6861 888/248.6861 8882486861