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    K&A Group
    Posted By: FS 5 days ago

    Just received a call from this number around 1:10 in the afternoon. Guy left a very threatening and intimidating message. Something about if I failed to respond to this call, they will proceed with due process without my participation, whatever that means. Said something about some sort of complaint.

    They left a call back number. Unfortunately, my voicemail only picked up the last seven digits of the phone number they provided, 996-4261. Didn’t get the area code. Tried Googling those seven numbers but, without the area code, I had no luck. I called back the 888-616-2026 number they had called from. Some guy answered with the company name K&A Group.

    Message they left never stated specifically what the call was in regards to. Not even sure they meant to call us as I never heard either of our names mentioned in the message they left. All I heard was their threatening message and a partial call back number.

    From the posts I’m reading here, looks like they just started calling people recently. Who knows what this is about. Either way, I don’t respond well to threats. Especially when people leave threatening messages on my voicemail without having the decency to say what the threats are in regards to.
    Called at:
    home phone
    at 01:10 PM

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    Posted By: Ann 6 days ago

    Scam call.
    Called at:
    cell phone

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    Posted By: Bob 1 week ago

    Recording to tell me I had to call backnusing my phone number as the case number or press 1 to talk to someone now...something about a complaint and undeliverable mail. Than a threat dye process if I did not contact the unnamed entity about an unknown subject. SOME SORT OF SCAM! BOTH MY WIFE AND I RECEIVED THE CALL AT THE SAME TIME!
    Called at:
    cell phone
    at 12:01 PM

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